"Lincoln's Farewell to Fido" Framed Silhouettes

Fido's story, at right, accompanies each piece.  

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Framing for each “Lincoln’s Farewell to Fido” piece is unique. Please visit our Etsy shop by clicking the image below to see our current framing style:

 "Lincoln's Farewell to Fido" Shadow Box

It is February 11, 1861, and President-elect Abraham Lincoln will shortly board a train at the Springfield, Illinois, station, bound for Washington, DC. As he leaves his house, he kneels in a parting gesture to his loyal dog, Fido, who will not be joining the Lincoln family in Washington. 

Fido’s well-being has weighed on Lincoln’s mind, as he knows the dog would not be happy amid the noise and bustle of the capital city. So Lincoln arranged a temporary home for Fido in Springfield with the family of John Roll, whose sons were friends of the Lincoln boys.

Among several conditions the Lincolns set for Fido’s care, they required that Roll let Fido into the house whenever he asked to come in. And they gave Roll the dog’s favorite horsehair sofa to help him feel comfortable in his new home.

No doubt both dog and master hoped to be reunited one day. But Lincoln would be assassinated in April 1865. He never saw Fido again.

Our shadow box depicts silhouettes of Lincoln and Fido in the foyer of the Lincoln home in Springfield. The d├ęcor reflects furnishings in the current restoration of the house.

  •  Overall dimensions: 9” square, 1 ½” deep
  •  The back is finished.
  •  Hanging hardware is attached.