Vintage Dog Greeting Cards

Blank Notes & Birthday Card Sets

Dogs and vintage playing cards combine in these fun sets of upcycled greeting cards that you can use as blank notes or birthday cards. Each set contains five or six kraft-paper cards decorated with a vintage dog playing card from the 1940’s through 1990's.  

They make handy blank notes. Or use them as birthday cards. Just choose a greeting from the accompanying set of peel-and-stick birthday wishes and add it to the card. There’s extra room for writing a personal message if you like.

Click the images below to see close-ups of the cards and their associated birthday greetings. Steampunk Bulldog cards are available individually or
in sets of 5!

To purchase single bulldog cards, select your favorite greetings here.

The 5-card set comes with 15 pre-printed greetings ranging from charming to cheery to slightly cheeky.

Click the image below to view them.

Greyhounds (Set includes 3 cards of each design)

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy                Scottish Terrier

Art Deco Dog-Walkers (Borzoi & Whippet) -  3 cards of each design in set                                               

Dachshunds Chasing Balls                                              Dachshund And Bee

Boston Terrier                                                              Scottish Terriers             
Bulldog (Pit Bull)                                                         Borzois (Russian Wolfhounds)
This set includes assorted colors: Blue,
Orange, Gold, Green

This set contains two different designs, as pictured above.
There are three cards of each design.

             Card with sample greeting attached                                            Back of card

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Vintage Dog Card Sets