"A Colonel, A Flag, And A Dog" - 1998 - Out of Print

For generations, the bronze, life-size figure of a dog on the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry monument at Gettysburg's Oak Ridge has captivated visitors to the Civil War Battlefield. Resting on a pedestal at the front of the monument but facing away from the road and keeping watch over the fields where the regiment fought on July 1, 1863, the dog is easily overlooked by passersby. Those who walk around to the front of the monument are sometimes surprised to find her there. Who was she? And why was she given this costly tribute?

Sallie Ann Jarrett was the regiment’s mascot. This book is her story and the story of the men she faithfully accompanied from the spring of 1861 until nearly the end of the war. To the soldiers who lay wounded on Oak Ridge after the first day's fighting at Gettysburg, Sallie was their faithful protector, refusing to leave them behind.

The soldiers never forgot her loyalty and bravery. 

This well told story is a detailed and enaging record of a regiment's service in the Civil War. It is also one of the most enduring human interest stories of the Battle of Gettysburg, one that will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the Civil War, historians, students, and dog-lovers alike.


Title:         "A Colonel, A Flag, And A Dog"
Author:      Cindy Stouffer and Shirley Cubbison
Year:         1998
Format:     Softcover (stapled)
Publisher:  Thomas Publications, Gettysburg, PA
Pages:        84
Condition:  Very Good