"The War Dog" by John D. Lippy, Jr. - 1962


Growing up in the Gettysburg area, John D. Lippy, Jr., heard many stories from Civil War veterans who returned to visit the Battlefield. Among the most memorable tales was the story of Sallie Ann Jarrett, the faithful canine mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Veterans recounted how, in the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, Sallie had become separated from the regiment during its retreat from Oak Ridge. The soldiers feared she had been killed, but days later she was found alive, guarding her dead and wounded companions. John Lippy felt moved to write Sallie’s story and publish it himself.

Sallie served with the 11th from the first days of the war until its final weeks. She was killed in action at Hatcher's Run, Virginia, in February 1865, less than three months before the war's end.

From Sallie’s puppy days as a new “recruit” with the 11th through her final battle, this is an engaging true story of a dog whose soldiers never forgot her faithfulness. They honored her with a life-size, bronze statue that holds a place of honor as part of the regimental monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield.


Title:        “The War Dog”                                      
Author:     John D. Lippy, Jr.
Year:         1962
Format:     Softcover (stapled)
Publisher:  Privately published, printed by Telegraph Press, Harrisburg, PA
Pages:       38

Condition:   Good, slight loss of paper at top edge of cover and first few

The book is illustrated with six pen and ink drawings by cartoonist F.O. Alexander, professionally known as ALEXANDER in his work as cartoonist for the former Evening Bulletin newspaper of Philadelphia. In addition to John Lippy’s story of Sallie, the book contains a tribute to Sallie in poetry, titled “The War Dog,” by Jennie E. Hussey.
View selected illustrations here.


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