"The War Dog" by John D. Lippy, Jr. - 1962

”The War Dog” is the true story of Sallie, the heroic bull terrier mascot of the 11th  Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, whose life-size statue has a place of honor on the regiment’s monument at the Gettysburg Battlefield. While growing up in the Gettysburg area, author John D. Lippy, Jr., heard Civil War veterans reminiscence about Sallie when they returned to visit the Battlefield and was moved to write her story and publish it himself.


Sallie served with the 11th from the first days of the war until its final weeks. She was killed in action during the fighting at Hatcher's Run, Virginia, in February 1865, less than three months before the war's end.         








            Title:                “The War Dog, A True Story”
            Author:             John D. Lippy, Jr.
            Year:                 1962
            Format:             Softcover (stapled)
            Publisher:          Privately published by Telegraph Press,
                                      Harrisburg, PA
            Pages:                38
            Condition:          Very Good
                                      One minor tear (1/8") at bottom of spine


The book is illustrated with six pen and ink drawings by cartoonist F.O. Alexander, professionally known as ALEXANDER in his work as cartoonist for the former Evening Bulletin newspaper of Philadelphia. In addition to John Lippy’s story of Sallie, the book contains a tribute to Sallie in poetry, titled “The War Dog,” by Jennie E. Hussey.